To consistently create quality user interfaces, we've created a set of guidelines to follow for each application. First we consider who the users are going to be, whether they will be daily users, such as database program users, or whether they will be one-time users, as in the case of software for a kiosk. For daily users, our goal is to design the interface so it helps users increase their efficiency and effectiveness without unnecessary first-time user instructions. Conversely, if we're developing a software application for a kiosk, we'll develop an interface that steps the user through the program.

After we've designed a user interface, we make sure it's usable by having members of our staff test it before deployment. Our testing helps us develop interfaces that are simple, consistent and forgiving.
  • Simple: Easy to understand and based on Windows standards for familiarity. Toolbar buttons use familiar metaphors for commands like open, save and print.
  • Consistent: Intuitive labels and conventions are used throughout the software to help users identify features.
  • Forgiving: Caution dialogs help users with mistakes before they are made, not after.
We've been providing quality software to companies in a variety of industries for over 10 years. We've learned a lot with both the successes and shortcomings of our own user interfaces. If you want to benefit from our experience, contact us today.